Based on nationally successful models, the Placer Rescue Mission will offer a number of Christ-centered

programs addressing the needs of Placer County’s homeless community.

Our vision is to develop supportive housing with integrated critical services into a multi-service campus setting.

Most importantly, while the Placer Rescue Mission provides long-term supportive housing, a recuperative care center,

as well as food and clothing to the homeless, it is specifically designed to tackle the root causes of homelessness.

The following are proposed programs to be developed for the Campus of Hope.

Supportive Housing

By developing 120 micro-units of housing for homeless families, men, women, veterans, and emancipated foster youth, homeless people will have a safe place to live and sleep so that their mental health, physical health and other needs can finally be addressed.

The supportive housing model has been shown to save the communities money by reducing costs to various public service systems, including health care and emergency services.




Recuperative Care Center

The Recuperative Care Center is at the heart of the Campus of Hope efforts to restore the lives of homeless families and individuals. The care center will be specifically designed to move people out of “street-level” homelessness and into supportive housing. The center will provide 50 beds of interim housing, 24/7 admissions, case management, on-site mental health treatment, daily activities, employment and benefits assistance, housing placement assistance and more.



Counseling & Addiction Recovery

Case managers assess needs, define services, monitor treatment plans and outcomes and provide a nurturing, relational context for guidance and assistance. A 12-to-18-month, Christ-centered program featuring Bible study, addiction recovery education, relapse prevention, life-skills development, vocational training, on-site work therapy, discipleship, group meetings, church attendance, and support group meetings. A licensed therapist will provide family and individual counseling. We intend to partner with William Jessup University to be a internship site for students.


Vocational Development

For people in recovery, a huge challenge to finding long-term success is landing a steady job and becoming financially self-sufficient. When your past includes addiction, prison, and other trauma, that’s a tall task.
Placer Rescue Mission’s Vocational Development program will be available for free both to guests of the mission and to members of the community who are in need. The program addresses the need for financial stability through employment readiness, vocational training, and job placement.


Spiritual Recovery

The Placer Rescue Mission is a faith based organization offering the ultimate help by administering the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to those in our program. In addition to implementing discipleship curriculum into daily one-on-one meetings, support groups and recovery groups will be instrumental pieces of the Campus of Hope Program will involve weekly chapel services for our residents.


The Placer Rescue Mission is part of our community’s plan to provide

a comprehensive and cost- saving solution to homelessness